Melbourne-based designer, Georgia Bonsema, has now launched her debut online jewellery line, By Georgia - The Golden Age on November 23rd 2020.

The Golden Age - Chapter 1 pays homage to the Renaissance Period and opulent stylings, weaving intricate gold-work, textural details and floral motifs throughout the collection. Inspired by the “perfectly imperfect,” Georgia celebrates the natural form using a unique wax-casting process. This intricate technique allows organic markings to transfer beautifully on to your selected metal and ensures your piece is truly unique. All of By Georgia’s designs are handmade to order at her studio in Melbourne, with no two pieces exactly the same.

Showcasing a classic feel with a contemporary finish, By Georgia’s latest collection features a curated range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, cufflinks, eyewear chains and personalised jewellery - all of which is created from sterling silver or brass with optional 24k gold plating.

By Georgia offers quality handmade pieces at an achievable price point. By Georgia aspires to create premium jewellery and accessories for every budget with each piece lovingly designed with meticulous detail. Every facet from texture, colour, stones, pearls, size and weight has been carefully considered and tested to ensure the best quality, function and comfort.

In addition to her jewellery collection, prompted by demand from the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia also expanded her range to include linen masks designed by her made locally in Melbourne.

Founder, Georgia Bonsema of By Georgia, says “I love designing, it’s my favourite part of the process. I most enjoy working on a piece developing the concept along the way - allowing the finished product to form organically, whether I’m working with wax, metal or beading. Rather than everything being perfectly manicured and aligned, I like to maintain the handmade aesthetic, emphasising the textured look and feel to my pieces. Jewellery can bring an outfit to life and really showcase and reflect a person’s personality or mood.”

“The Golden Age designs are very much influenced by art and history. I have always loved to paint and I’ve tried to use some of my favourite techniques in my designs with layering and creating different textures.”

The founder devotes every spare minute of her time experimenting with designing and sourcing the right materials. “I draw creative inspiration from everywhere - travel, my Dutch & Australian heritage, art, history, culture and also natural surroundings. I design for the quintessential Australian woman who appreciates a feminine yet pared back, classic style.”

Georgia doesn’t believe in rehauling your entire wardrobe each season just to keep up with trends. She prefers to find pieces that have longevity and can be worn season after season - jewellery is no exception. “As people become more conscious of what and how much they are consuming, I think it is important to invest in pieces that are versatile and timeless.”

Georgia launched her business in December 2019 with a small collection and has continued to grow and expand her collection. Her first collection was more inspired by coastal hidewaways and natural landscapes, some of her first collection was manufactured overseas and some Made in Melbourne.